Stuart Ireland

Stuart Ireland, owner of Calypso Reef Imagery, is a keen diver and qualified marine biologist.  He  turned his passion for the underwater world into a profession starting Calypso Reef Imagery nearly 20 years ago.  

Check out some of Stuart's wonderful visions of nature to use in our Fish Tank immersive display at 43 Esplanade under the Bushfire Flame Grill.


More on Stuart:

He first turned his hand to underwater videography back in the late 1980’s: Calypso was one of the first in Queensland to invest in digital photography equipment for underwater applications and has since moved into HD technology.

Stuart has travelled the world working on a range of commercial underwater photography and videography contracts. No location is too exotic or extreme, as evidenced by his Antarctic underwater film shoot completed amongst the ice-bergs in 2010.

With more than 5,000 hours spent under the water, behind the lens, Stuart is one of the most experienced and professional underwater cameraman in Cairns.