Live Painters 

Live Painters will be unleashing their pens on the face of the Cairns Post Building 22-24 Abbott Street nightly from Dusk.


Come and check out the live one off works by Sid Scott, Nickeema Williams and her brother Keemon Williams.

Sid "Rock" Scott is a creative innovator based in Cairns. He has a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in computer based art and design under his belt and is a proficient freelance designer and photographer. He experiments creatively, exploring everything from motion design to three dimensional artworks and vector art.  His work has been shown in galleries and at music festivals around Australia where he has also created visual effects as a VJ.

Sid will be live 3D sculpting with light on the Cairns Post building facade for Illuminate Cairns from 9 - 10pm Friday 11th & 9 -10pm Sunday 13th November.

Nickeema Williams is a young Indigenous artist who celebrates and connects with her Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island heritage through her art.  

Along with her brother Keemon Williams, this creative young pair will be live painting using cutting edge Virtual Reality tools, throwing up light and colour in real time nightly from 7pm to 8pm.