Alice and the Antipathies Project - Dr Sasi Victoire 

 Alice in the Antipathies’ is an intermedia contemporary performance currently being written by Sasi Victoire through JUTE Theatre in Cairns. Victoire is plundering Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland to covertly  raise human rights issues like migration, settlement, difference, discrimination and women's rights in the context of today's society. The work questions, transcends, crosses and interweaves cultural boundaries through multi and inter-disciplinary experimentation.

This projection will see Victoire's  preliminary text for the ‘Alice in the Antipathies’ project being interpreted by videographer Glenn Saggers, sound designer Tristan Barton and projectionist Paul Barron using a hybrid arts, collaborative and experimental approach.

Illuminate Cairns audiences are able to experience a precursor to the ‘Alice in the Antipathies’ project being screened over the three festival nights, in the vacant Subway shop at 55 Lake Street, Cairns (corner of the Mainstreet Arcade).


About the Collaborators:

Dr Sasi Victoire has been working in visual practice for over 40 years. She is well known locally in arts and cultural development. She is a printmaker, writer, workshop presenter and advocate of empowerment through the arts. Victoire has developed concepts for, and curated, arts and cultural projects for festivals both locally and internationally. Last year she facilitated 13 multidisciplinary artists from Cairns to present  'Tropics to Tropics' at the Johor Bharu International Art Festival in Malaysia, where she was recognised with a global award for human rights through art.

Glenn Saggers is an accomplished local videographer. He operates a creative film production company in Cairns called Threadless Films. Apart from creating unique wedding videos, he participates widely with community by collaborating in local projects with artists and musician through film, documentation and music. He is an active participant in the creative process and also works with sound designer, Tristan Barton.


Tristan Barton has produced, composed and presented his music widely. He is an accomplished drummer and a skilful songwriter with a keen ear for experimental electronic music.  In the last few years he's returned to Cairns after living in Paris and Melbourne, and created his own royalty-free music company DG Music. He has developed on-going professional relationships with local musicians and artists, in particular renowned local producer, Mark Myers and artist Ricky Beresford who together created a performance piece called 'Movements'.  


Paul Barron is Far North Queensland based performance artist and  arts-worker, whose practice spans video and projection art, circus and physical theatre and community engagement. His practice focuses on the nexus between culture and the mechanics of art making.