Nickeema Williams

Nickeema Williams is a young Indigenous artist who celebrates and connects with her Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island heritage through her art. During high school in Cairns, Nickeema found her passion for art. She has since completed a Certificate IV in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Arts and has gone on to study a Diploma in Visual Arts at the Far North Queensland TAFE.

Artist statement

“I am a highly multidisciplinary artist - I use whatever materials I can get my hands on whether that is ink, acrylics, watercolour or graphite. I incorporate a vast variety of colours, mediums and techniques in my works. I find myself fascinated by how different materials react to each other or when added with water or left to drip and run.

I am fixated on this idea of culture and being indigenous in a westernised society, living in a completely different environment to my ancestors. In high school I started to develop my own style and themes. I began to really think about myself. My art is all personal and is surrounded around identity and being a young light skinned indigenous woman in an urbanised world. Trying to connect back to my indigenous culture, my works focus is racism, urbanisation, family, stereotypes / appearance and connections - both spiritually and emotionally.

Art is my life and an extension of myself.”

Along with her twin brother Keemon Williams, this creative young pair will be live painting using cutting edge Virtual Reality tools, throwing up light and colour in real time on the front of the Cairns Post Building, 22-24 Abbott Street, Cairns.

Come down with the whole family to see the Cairns Post building swathed in light and coloured in live by local artists using the Tiltbrush as well as colouring-ins submitted through the Cairns Post Colouring In Competition.