Dave Masters

With a dynamic Audio Visual career spanning over 20 years, Dave Masters has been involved with hundreds of productions around Australia. Utilising the myriad of skills gained throughout this period, Dave has emerged as an artist with a unique blend of techniques; exploring and manipulating the interconnectivity between various audio, lighting, laser and visual technologies, in order to create experiences that are a delight to the senses and challenging to our perceptions of Art vs Science. 

Over the past two years Dave has been working with the local Aboriginal organisation in Jabiru, Kakadu, NT to help produce their annual cultural festival Mahbilil Festival. Working with local photographers and artists, Dave has projection mapped a custom built Magpie Goose sculpture, built by Techy Masero.

In collaboration with local artists, Caroline Mudge and Hayley Gillespie, Dave will be setting up a live, interactive system for the public to engage with, in front of Rydges Plaza Cairns, Grafton Street, Cairns.


Dave Masters will also be presenting a compilation of Juergen and Stella Freund’s award-winning nature photography and videography for the delight of Illuminate audiences.


Friday 11th to Sunday 13th (7pm to Midnight) : find Dave moulding the work of Ricky Beresford, Caroline Mudge and Hayley Gillespie on the west face of Rydges Plaza, 50 Grafton Street.